Innovation Traps

While the necessity to innovate raised sharply among executives, we still see so few organizations capable of innovating. We can create a long list of companies that lost the market because of the inability to innovate, Kodak, Blockbuster, Sears; the last example might be Intel vs. Nvidia on the ML chips. It would be great to discuss your experience with companies who attempted to create organizations capable of innovating.

Feb 25, 2021



ThinkWrong to Innovate

Mike Burn and Greg Galle, founders

Think Wrong is our radical problem-solving-system that reliably produces surprising, ingenious answers to your most wicked questions.

At this event, authors of the Think Wrong methodology, Greg Galle and Mike Burn will introduce you to the key practical methods.

Nov 10, 2020



Open Innovation

Nicole Stroj, Head of Organizational Innovation @ Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Open Innovation is a methodology that can be applied in a broad variety of cases. Practically applied, it has clear benefits and challenges. Throughout this event, you will get to know-how elements of open innovation can be used to engage employees and start-ups and create value for an organization.

Oct 21, 2020



LISA Accelerator partnership

Remote design sprint for Aircook startup to ideate concept and shape up the test plan

Aug 12, 2020



Fit For Disruption

A talk with Matthew Webber, an international best-selling author of ‘Fit for Disruption: How to transform your business and thrive in times.

May 28, 2020



How might we as a community support local business retail and restaurants

Design Thinkers of RTP with Silicon Valley Design Thinking Club is partnering to run this session with the goal of coming up with ideas on How Might We as a Community Support Local Business Retail and Restaurants.

Apr 14, 2020



Silicon Valley Design Thinking - Innovate in Practice

“How to find solution out of the box?"

At the event we will tell you about our club and launch the Dubai chapter of SVDT.Club.

We will provide an overview of the design thinking methodology with a particular focus on ideation phase.

You will learn how to:​

Frame the challenge and classify it,

Arrange the brainstorming process to get to the new ideas,

And have fun :)

Nov 29, 2019



Keynote: Designing future-proof businesses

“Enabling business model innovation in your organization"

The world is changing faster than we can deal with it. This is the same for businesses. So, how might we deal with the uncertainties brought about by such rapid change? And, how might we use a more agile, entrepreneurial, design mindset within large corporates? Justin Lokitz, strategy designer and author of Design a Better Business, will share his experiences in combining design thinking, business model innovation, and strategy creation via several award-winning cases across industries. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Nov 14, 2019



SVDT Regional Chapter Premier in Tokyo

“This will be the first event by SVDT taken place in Asia”

Aug 27, 2019



How to Design And Build Android Apps for Cars

Heather Seal, 

Roberto Perez

A few years ago Google introduced Android Automotive OS, an Android operating system that is familiar to millions of developers, tailored to run in the car. Most recently, Polestar announced that they are shipping their first electric vehicle (Polestar 2) running Android Automotive OS.

May 30, 2019



The Road to Pixar

“Design and storytelling for business“, the creative and innovation process in connection with corporate and business world.

Apr 3, 2019



Me2We 2019

Design Thinking “deep dive” workshop to get practical experience utilizing various tools and techniques applied in particular industry cases. EPAM Systems San Francisco design studio led by Jonathan Lup will run cases devoted to San Francisco Airport, Kaiser Permanente and Habitat for Humanity, where we will cover all the steps throughout research, ideation, and testing. Other workshops will be lead by LEADer Sachio Nishioka and his team of LEAD alumni will present their cornerstone product Design Thinking SandBox, created to allow people across the globe to collaborate and design new products more efficiently

Mar 12, 2019



Uber Case Studies DesignThinking

FORMAT: Firechat discussion followed by Q&A from the audience.

TOPIC: Design for Pattern. A conceptual model for thinking about the extended consequences of design decisions.

Feb 12, 2019



"Fueltime" brainstorm on how to research customer?

Anatoly Ovchinnikov

This evening we will try to brainstorm on how to research customer for the "Fueltime" startup. Sometimes it is challenging to find customers especially in the emerging market and small niches when the demand is not articulated. What research methods exists? How to approach and use the properly? Let's talk about this challenge through the prism of the case.

Dec 13, 2018



"THE BOLT" Business Case Talk

This evening we will brainstorm the challenge of "THE BOLT" startup.

This startups is a bridge between business and crypto currencies. And the challenge is to identify attractive market niches and business industries where this service will soar. Detailed problem statement will be shaped on the evening.

Nov 21, 2018



ThinkWrong Methodology Introduction

This lively session introduces participants to the ThinkWrong methodology, a radical problem-solving system that helps you imagine, create, and operate what's next. You'll get to experience the powerful Deflection Point activity as you ponder a key challenge facing those in the Bay Area. Escape the predictable path and adopt a bold path mindset!

Oct 23, 2018



High-end restaurant customer experience.
Connect the consumer with the food story

In our modern world, people are disengaged with the story of the food they are consuming in the restaurant. No one knows what we are eating: where it came from, how fresh is it, who grew it, what is unique about this food and who and how cooked it for us. With the end customer-focused digital technology we can bring the food story to the customer and give producers chance to be connected with the end consumers, give chefs the opportunity to take pride in their art of cooking. Food could become the conscious choice and life streaming entertainment in the restaurant. Wouldn’t you like to know what are you eating?

Oct 12, 2018

San Jose


Innovation in Practice

Russell Roger, Boris Sheykhetov

Dupont Silicon Valley Innovation Center - Materially Different


Workshop to create personas for startup Catch Stamps

Aug 23, 2018



Design Thinking in FinTech

Abhijit Thosar, Andrew Kuzmin

Taking a customer journey based approach to drive innovation in financial services

Jun 12, 2018



Creating Differentiation Products

This workshop focuses on building a differentiated product through the creation of a unique value proposition supported by experience principles.

EPAM System San Francisco design studio

Mar 12, 2018

San Francisco