Designing the EdTech future in Virtual Reality

One startup story about learning & making

26th September @ 5:30 PM @ Stanford, CA 

Alex Stolyarik

Founder and CEO at RealityNext LLC

Alex Stolyarik has spent nearly a decade implementing project-based experiential education internationally. In 2011, as a member of the Democracy and Art nonprofit, he originated a joint venture between the British “London Metropolitan University” MARCH and the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. A year later he launched a test program designed to engage graduate students with “real-world” land development projects. In three years of program refinement, he and his team organically grew neighborhood development collectives, jump-started public workshops, and graduated 80 students with dual degrees in Public Administration and Planning.

Alex holds a joint Master’s of Science from MIT and Harvard Business School.




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6:00 Talk: Designing the EdTech future in Virtual Reality

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Designing the EdTech future in Virtual Reality

Despite the continuous advancement of the XR technologies with this year’s release of Oculus Go, Magic Leap, VIVE Pro and others, the future of the immersive tech remains nebulous. Will it make us think differently about work, leisure and completely change our everyday lives or is it just another 3D medium? What are the necessary success ingredients for the startups in this futuristic and volatile market? To share his experience and to design-think through the next steps of the market adoption for his product and methodology, we welcome Alex Stolyarik, the founder of the RealityNext.net


Address: Stanford, CA (to be specified soon)