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We we will try to brainstorm on how to r

This evening we brainstormed on how to research customer for the "Fueltime" startup. Sometimes it is challenging to find customers especially in the emerging market and small niches when the demand is not articulated. What research methods exists? How to approach and use the properly? Let's talk about this challenge through the prism of the case.  

Case: Fueltime is a new way to fill up a car. It is a mobile gas station to help drivers and companies save time and money on car refiling just by using an app. They deliver gasoline directly into the tank our customers and provide additional services for taking care of a vehicle. They want to automate the process gasoline refueling.  


Case author: Anatoly Ovchinnikov 

An ambitious entrepreneur already found several small businesses in Russia. At the moment he is developing a startup of mobile Gas stations in California.


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