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Innovation Challenge

While innovation is often a top priority for CEOs, success rates of traditional innovation methods and programs have been reported as low as 17% to 45%.

“Turning ideas into tangible results” was reported by 50% of respondents to a survey on the state of global innovation as the main obstacle to innovation success. 


 Gartner report 2020

Innovation as a Service

We help businesses to establish sustainable innovation through the open innovation ecosystem based on venture design methodology and the global community of multidisciplinary innovation practitioners.  


Duration: 3 to 4 months

We will tailor the program based on your needs, select the innovation practitioners of the right fit for your case, and drive the innovation process among the cohort's teams.


Set of verified product/services concept ready for further investment and development

Would like to know more please contact us.

Case study:

LISA - Standorf LEAD Global Incubator and Accelerator 

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