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High-end restaurant customer experience.
Connect the consumer with the food story

In our modern world, people are disengaged with the story of the food they are consuming in the restaurant. No one knows what we are eating: where it came from, how fresh is it, who grew it, what is unique about this food and who and how cooked it for us. With the end customer-focused digital technology we can bring the food story to the customer and give producers chance to be connected with the end consumers, give chefs the opportunity to take pride in their art of cooking. Food could become the conscious choice and life streaming entertainment in the restaurant. Wouldn’t you like to know what are you eating?

12th October @ 5:30 PM @Adobe, San Jose, CA 


Kira Strongman

Founder and CEO at Strongman Trucking LTD

​Kira holds MS degree in the civic architecture of Belarusian State University. Twelve years of trailblazing experience in Russia, where she managed high-end real estate development projects with the unbelievable level of ambiguity. Kira's quote about that time: "Go there, do not know where; build something, don't know what; But everything should be ready in time and in budget two times less than essential. This environment was my design thinking school - you either succeed or out of business". Nine years ago having moved to New Zeland, she bootstrapped another prosperous business in the entirely new field - supply chain and fresh food delivery. 

Case Author and Speaker




5:30 check-in. Come to lobby of East Tower and we will meet you there

6:00 Case introduction and review of key persons interview

6:40 Design workshop of the supply chain process that enables unique experience for restaurant guests who want to know what is the story behind the food they eat. We will run role game to find the answer on HOW MIGHT WE question.


7:40 Networking

Address:  321 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 95113

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